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Steve Quayle – We Are Entering Into Tribulation Times

Filmmaker, book author and renowned radio host Steve Quayle says, “So, now we are seeing an economic morass, upheaval and tumult. The best term to describe that is convulsion economics, or another word I made up, ‘convulsinomics.’ When someone goes into convulsions, it is something that is beyond […]

Russia’s economy expands despite sanctions – World Bank

The growth rate of the Russian economy increased last year, while inflation remained low, the World Bank said in its 2019 World Economic Outlook. “Although economic sanctions tightened, Russia experienced relatively low and stable inflation and increased oil production. As a result of robust domestic activity, the Russian economy […]

Chinese Mega-bank Partners With World Bank for New World Order

The many establishment analysts who portrayed the Communist Chinese dictatorship’s new Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB) as a supposed “rival” to the Western globalist-led international economic order must be awfully embarrassed right now. And those who believed them, hoping the brutal Beijing regime’s bank was going to stand […]

Demand for World Bank loans nears crisis levels

Lending forecast at £25bn for 2016 as developing countries struggle to cope with weakening global economy. Demand for loans from the World Bank has reached levels unsurpassed outside of financial crises as developing countries struggle to cope with the weakness of the global economy. Ahead of its half-yearly spring meeting […]

More pressure on Obama’s China bank stance

More pressure on Obama’s China bank stance – news.com.au Pressure is mounting in the US on President Barack Obama to join the Chinese-led Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank. With Britain deciding to join the new rival to the World Bank and Asian Development Bank and Australia, South Korea and other […]