New grid threat: Russia deploys super-electromagnetic pulse weapon capable of traveling at Mach 20 that could put the U.S. in the dark with little notice – And China ready too!

With the United States waking up to the threat posed to the electric grid and electronics from cyberwarfare, Russia is mastering systems that can already overcome the latest protections to keep the lights on, according to one of the nation’s leading experts. The latest intelligence indicates that Russia has specialized a “super-electromagnetic pulse” weapon and warhead capable... Continue Reading →

US enemies may be planning EMP attack as civil unrest hounds Capitol

Enemies of the United States may be using the various political crises at the Capitol to prepare and launch an electromagnetic pulse (EMP) attack, according to cybersecurity experts. Since last year, the U.S. has been skating on thin ice with the tumultuous Black Lives Matter (BLM) movement and recently the second impeachment of President Donald Trump.

Super Weapon: China Reveals Deadly New Armor-Piercing Gun

China has revealed the world’s most powerful armor-piercing gun canon that could be used for the next generation of Chinese main battle tanks. China revealed the world’s most powerful Jeffrey Lin and P.W. Singer 120mm/125mm armor-piercing gun cannon. The gun prototype in comparison to other similar models displays the highest, range, velocity, and penetration power in the... Continue Reading →

Saudi Arabia becomes world’s biggest arms importer

Saudi Arabia becomes world’s biggest arms importer - worldnewsreport The Japan Times News LONDON – Saudi Arabia passed India to become the world’s biggest arms importer last year as concerns about Iran’s ambitions increase tensions in the Middle East. Saudi spending rose 54 percent to $6.5 billion last year, while India imported $5.8 billion, according to... Continue Reading →

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