Venezuela devalues currency in crisis dollar sale

Crisis-hit Venezuela devalued its currency by 64 percent in a dollar auction that aimed to stabilize its foreign exchange market, officials said Wednesday. Under an overhauled official exchange system, the government let investors bid for the dollars at a new higher rate in what President Nicolas Maduro said was an effort to undermine the black market. It... Continue Reading →

Police use tear gas on thousands of protesters in Venezuela

Venezuelan police have fired tear gas on protesters demanding President Nicolas Maduro's resignation as security forces claim some demonstrators were dressed in military fatigues and were carrying plastic explosives. Thousands of people flooded the streets of Caracas in what has been described as the biggest show of force in years. Protesters filled dozens of city blocks in... Continue Reading →

Are these the battle lines for World War Three?

The US airstrikes on a Syrian regime airbase have hardened the dividing lines across the world in regards to the Assad regime. MailOnline has set out world leaders' positions on the conflict, which clearly shows the split between pro and anti-Assad countries. It suggests which side of the battle line countries would position themselves on should the... Continue Reading →

‘Scared, Hungry And Tired’ – David Wilkerson’s Prophecy Coming True In Venezuela Is A Warning For America! ‘The Most Dangerous Time In History Is Coming’

The 2nd video below was recently linked to on the website of Steve Quayle and shares the full, end times vision of Pastor David Wilkerson from many years ago. Said to be "scary accurate' and describing what we are now witnessing in the world today to a perfect degree", some commenters on the video believe... Continue Reading →

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