Australia Facing Vaccine Rollout Challenge

Australia is about to embark on the biggest mass immunisation program in its history, with authorities confident of pulling off the massive logistical effort. A top medical official has backed Australia to pull off its biggest ever mass immunisation program despite enormous logistical challenges. Coronavirus jabs will start on Monday as the nation pins its... Continue Reading →

WOW!! TD Jakes Suggests Using Churches, Faith-Based Groups to Encourage African Americans to Take COVID Vaccine

To better inform the African American community about the coronavirus vaccine, Bishop T.D. Jakes of Dallas' Potters House, brought in big-name experts for an online event Monday called "In Conversations with America: Understanding the COVID-19 Vaccine." During the nearly hour-long discussion, Jakes asked the health experts if they had any angst about the vaccine over... Continue Reading →

CDC document bombshell reveals list of all vaccine excipients, including “African Green Monkey Kidney Cells” and fibroblast cells from aborted human fetuses … see the complete list

Natural News – by Mike Adams - Almost no one has any real idea what’s found in vaccines. When they allow themselves to be injected with vaccines, they’re oblivious to the fact that they are being injected with aborted human fetus cell lines or African Green Monkey kidney pus cells harvested from infected, disease primates. (See proof... Continue Reading →

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