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Journalists Prevented from Covering PEN Event on Press Freedom

As part of the PEN World Voices Festival, the international press freedom organization scheduled an event this afternoon titled, “Finding Security in Unsafe Passages: United Nations Event about Protecting Journalists’ Safety and Rights.” The panel, according to PEN’s website, will “delve into the wide range of risks journalists […]

US tries to silence North Korea representatives at UN

The US ambassador to the United Nations, in an act of brazen censorship, ordered the sound engineer to shut off the microphone on Thursday while the North Korean representative was pointing out the horrible US human rights record. During a staged event at the UN featuring some of the […]

Putin may go to U.S. to deliver speech to U.N

President Vladimir Putin may travel to New York City to deliver a speech at the opening of the UN General Assembly in September, a Russian newspaper reported, quoting several sources close to the Kremlin. Kommersant Daily quoted sources “close to the presidential administration” as saying that Putin’s trip to […]

Harbinger’ author to speak at United Nations

Harbinger’ author to speak at United Nations – wnd.com by Leo Hohmann Jonathan Cahn to address alarming rise in Christian persecution It starts as harassment in some countries. It can quickly escalate to more overt forms of hostility, church burnings and imprisonment, torture, death. In many countries, especially in the Middle […]