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U.S. soldiers arrive in Turkey to train Syrian rebels

About 123 U.S. soldiers arrived in Turkey to train moderate Syrian rebels, bringing with them weapons which are being transferred to İncirlik Airbase in the southern province of Adana, Hurriyet Daily News reported Friday. The daily said 83 of the U.S. soldiers were deployed at İncirlik Airbase and 40 […]

Rebels Backed by CIA Join al-Qaeda in Fight Against Assad in Syria

With the United States struggling to find capable “moderate” rebel forces that it can support in Syria, Washington has secretly started backing brigades that fight alongside al-Qaeda groups against President Bashar al-Assad’s forces. Two of these groups, Division 13 and Fursan al-Haq, have gained grounds while fighting alongside a […]

Muslims Praise Key Mideast Leader ‘Like God’

Reports continue to pop up in Middle East publications that Turkey’s leader, Recep Tayyip Erdogan, is seen within his ruling AK Party as more than just a president. Consider the following reports out of Turkey: A billboard has appeared in the Gölbaşı district of Adıyaman province inviting people […]

Turkey Thrown into Chaos with Nationwide Blackout

A nationwide blackout across Turkey has thrown the country into chaos. Power outages have been reported in dozens of cities throughout the country due to a fault on power transmission lines, according to Turkey’s Electricity Transmission Company TEİAŞ’s statement. Prime minister Ahmet Davutoğlu said that a crisis-desk at the Ministry […]

Assad: Turkey Supports ISIL in Syria

Assad: Turkey Supports ISIL in Syria – sputniknews.com Syrian President Bashar Al Assad accused Turkey of intentionally ignoring terrorists of the self-proclaimed Islamic State as they attempt to cross the border between the two countries into Syria. During an interview with a US TV channel, Assad warned that the […]

Arrested ISIS Recruiter Worked for Canadian Intelligence

Arrested ISIS Recruiter Worked for Canadian Intelligence -cuttothetruth.wordpress.com By Olan Thomas Canada’s Jordanian embassy — run by Bruno Saccomani, former RCMP officer and head of Stephen Harper’s security detail, handpicked by Harper two-years back to run the embassy in Amman, Jordan and look after affairs in Iraq— is […]