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Turkey’s Second Army Prepares to Invade Syria

Amid Turkish preparations for a military intervention in Syria, mainstream media and think tanks prefer to provide political speculations and local rumors instead of facts and analysis. SouthFront: Analysis & Intelligence stands on another ground and provides an exclusive paper studying the Turkish military grouping which will be likely used in this operation. Recent […]

Turkey bolsters military on Syrian border

Turkey is sending reinforcements to its border with Syria, Demiroren News Agency (DHA) reports, adding that some 100 vehicles including mounted pick-up trucks and weaponry had made their way to the area. The heightened military activity comes days after President Tayyip Erdogan said Turkey would postpone a planned […]

World War III: The Beginning?

Some observers of these troubled times say World War III has already begun. I’m not so sure I disagree with the premise. Dynamics for the roots of war are more prolific and far more volatile at present than those that generated both World War I and World War […]