Biden regime picking up where Obama left off with one scandal after another as spokesman suspended for threatening female reporter

Barack Obama and Joe Biden have regularly said theirs was a “scandal-free administration,” and while the two of them lied like it was their job while in office for two terms, that one is the biggest whopper of all. Operation Fast and Furious; the IRS scandal; the lies about Obamacare; Benghazi, where they left Americans... Continue Reading →

Treasury joins White House, Pentagon in warning Israel over Chinese creeping influence.

WASHINGTON - Yet another Trump administration official expressed alarm this week over China's creeping influence over Israeli infrastructure. Following statements of concern from the White House and Pentagon, a top official at the Treasury Department has now told Israeli cabinet members during a visit to the country that Chinese technology companies working in Israel pose a... Continue Reading →

PLA’s MIRV-equipped missiles may pose threat to US

As China's missile defense technology develops, the country's anti-ballistic technology has seen a parallel rise, according to Sina's military news web portal. In the Cold War era the US and Russia armed their anti-ballistic missiles with nuclear warheads. The US Sentinel Program and the Soviet A-35 system were the biggest profile anti-ballistic missile systems of the... Continue Reading →

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