Former Google bigwig launches AI “church” that positions technology as GOD

It might be tempting to crack jokes about today’s smartphone-obsessed youth seeming to worship their devices, but for one man, the concept of technology as a deity is reaching disturbing heights. Former Google executive Anthony Levandowski has filed IRS paperwork to establish an official religion devoted to technology. Not only will this bizarre religion worship scientific... Continue Reading →

The birth of the AI supersoldier:

The US Army is using AI to try and give soldiers super-learning capabilities. The experimental system would allow American troops to analyse new information far faster than they can at the moment. Initial tests have found U.S. Soldiers can learn 13 times faster than conventional methods using the system.....More    

Shifting Sands of Reality

You have entered the technological matrix. No matter your proclivities you are being groomed and altered through technology to adapt to a false paradigm. A decade ago social engineers began implementing social distancing policies in case of pandemic. We got comfortable with social distancing, like an old pair of tennis shoes. When technology began slithering into... Continue Reading →

Israeli Researchers Announce Breakthrough That Could Allow Computers to Run 100x Faster

Researchers have created technology that will enable our computers, text messages and phone calls to run 100 times faster through terahertz microchips. Until now, the major challenges that stood in the way of creating the terahertz microchip were overheating and scalability. However, following three years of extensive research, Hebrew University of Jerusalem (HU) physicist Uriel Levy... Continue Reading →

The All Seeing Eye of Destruction: Google Creates ‘Image-Recognition AI’ For Your Smartphone

In 2016, Alphabet Inc. Patented ‘Google Lens,’ a computerized contact lens that gets embedded into the eye which can record and take pictures. In 2017, Alphabet Inc. brings about the first phase of ‘Google Lens’ in the form of an ‘image-recognition AI’ for your smartphone. The conglomerate corporation Alphabet the parent company to Google and YouTube has... Continue Reading →

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