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Donald Trump ‘is furious’ after Kim Jong Un unveiled ‘monster’ ICBM that ‘could hit ANYWHERE in US’ and new submarine launched missile – which show he was building powerful weapons while talking peace

President Donald Trump has reportedly expressed his fury over what appear to be sophisticated new missiles unveiled by North Korean leader Kim Jong Un at a military parade on Saturday.b’Trump is really angry about [North Korea‘s] missile parade’ and is ‘really disappointed’ in Kim after fruitless peace talks, an unnamed source told […]

Russia launches its most powerful submarine

Russia has launched its most powerful submarine ever which is said to be capable of blasting nuclear warheads at targets 1,500 miles away on land. The Project 885 Yassen class fourth-generation Kazan nuclear submarine has been under construction since 2009 ahead of its launch on Friday Severodvinsk in northern […]

North Korean Submarine Attempts Missile Test Launch

North Korea tried to test-launch a ballistic missile from a submarine, a website that monitors the reclusive state reported, as Chinese state media said defiant actions by Pyongyang have become a threat to regional security. In a report published on Thursday, NK News said the “attempted” launch involved […]