New Zealand Bracing for Severe Storms as Ex Cyclone Cook approaches

IMG_0119New Zealand is bracing for what may be the worst storm since 1968, weather authorities say, as emergency services move to evacuate seaside towns and close schools, while warning residents to reconsider their Easter holiday plans.  The tail wind of Cyclone Cook, which had killed one person this week in New Caledonia, was expected to make landfall in New Zealand’s North Island on Thursday evening. The country’s meteorological service issued severe weather warnings for the upper North Island and warned of landslides, flooding and wind damage from gusts of up to 150 kilometres per hour. Emergency services are warning people to pay serious attention to the warnings, saying conditions may be similar to those experienced during Cyclone Giselle which led to the Wahine disaster in 1968. “We’re worried,” Whakatane district mayor Tony Bonne said on local radio……Read More


Iowa bird flu outbreak prompts governor to declare state of emergency

UnknownIowa governor Terry Branstad declared a state of emergency on Friday due to a rapidly expanding avian flu outbreak, soon after state agriculture officials announced four new poultry farms had initially tested positive for the virus. Iowa, the top egg-producing state in the United States, is the third state to declare a state of emergency because of the viral outbreak, which either has led or will lead to the extermination of up to 21m chickens and turkeys nationwide. Read Article

Prices To Skyrocket As Bird Flu Epidemic Becoming Critical

thWisconsin’s poultry farms are under a state of emergency, declared this past week by Gov. Scott Walker. National Guard forces are helping as avian flu spreads. As of late Tuesday, yet another Wisconsin turkey flock had been decimated with the H5 avian influenza virus – an 87,000-bird turkey flock in Chippewa County. As of that date, there were four known cases of the virus in Wisconsin, according to the Wisconsin Department of Agriculture, Trade and Consumer Protection. The latest count shows more than 7 million poultry affected across the Midwest, with numerous farms added to the list each day. Iowa has destroyed millions of chickens, and Minnesota, which has also declared a state of emergency, has also destroyed millions of birds. Sunday, the Minnesota National Guard was called up in an attempt to contain the epidemic. Read Article

State Of Emergency Declared in Baltimore, Activates National Guard

6512305_gGovernor Larry Hogan has declared a state of emergency and activated the National Guard to address the growing violence and unrest in Baltimore City.
“I have not made this decision lightly. The National Guard represents a last resort in order to restore order,” Hogan said during a news conference Monday night. “People have the right to protest and express their frustration, but Baltimore City families deserve peace and safety in their communities and these acts of violence and destruction of property cannot and will not be tolerated.” Read Article