Once again Senators arrive at White House for North Korea crisis briefing

IMG_0199The Trump administration is considering placing North Korea on a list of state sponsors of terrorism as US senators arrived at the White House for an extraordinary briefing on the threat posed by the rogue state. All 100 senators were invited to a classified briefing at a building next to the White House on Wednesday (US time), reports AFP. They were ferried from Capitol Hill by bus. President Donald Trump’s secretary of state, defence secretary, top general and national intelligence director will brief them. The briefing team was to speak later to members of the House of Representatives lower chamber…….Read More

Senators head to “commander in chief’s house” for North Korea briefing

Iran’s Leader Calls Senators’ Letter a Sign of US Disintegration

Iran’s Leader Calls Senators’ Letter a Sign of US Disintegration – sputnik news.com


In an unprecedented move, US Congressional lawmakers threatened international negotiations by writing a letter directly to Iranian leadership. The message: Obama’s promises are no good. As diplomatic talks continue, Khamenei has expressed frustration with the bizarre move, which may have been the letter’s intent all along.
In a statement posted to his website, Ayatollah Khamenei called the letter sent by 47 Senate Republicans “a sign of a decline in political ethics and the destruction of the American establishment from within.” Continue reading “Iran’s Leader Calls Senators’ Letter a Sign of US Disintegration”