Assad looking to buy latest Russian anti-missile system to fend off Israeli, U.S. attacks

IMG_0213Syrian President Bashar Assad said Damascus is negotiating with regime ally Moscow to buy the latest Russian anti-missile system to repel Israeli and American attacks. “It’s natural that we should have such systems,” he said, quoted by Syria’s official SANA agency on Thursday, the same day as Damascus accused Israel of firing several missiles at a military position near its international airport. “Israel has been committing aggressions on the Arab states surrounding it since its creation in 1948,” Assad said in the interview with Venezuelan channel Telesur. “It is natural for us to negotiate with the Russians now with a view to strengthening (our) systems, whether to face any Israeli threats from the air or the threats of American missiles.”……..Read More

Russian, Chinese Ships Tail USS Carl Vinson in East China Sea

UnknownThe nuclear-powered aircraft carrier and its group are believed to be in waters around the East China Sea, heading north toward the Korean Peninsula. China and Russia, which prioritize stability on the Korean Peninsula, have expressed their concern over the tough US stance towards North Korea, with Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov saying the issue should be resolved peacefully through political and diplomatic efforts. The dispatch of the intelligence-gathering vessels may be aimed at sending a warning signal to the United States, reports have speculated. No official comments from the Russian Defense Ministry were available at the time of publication……Read More


China and Russia dispatch ships to shadow Donald Trump’s ‘armada’ as it approaches North Korean waters – Japanese media repo

Israeli & Russian Planes Almost Crash Over Syria

image.jpegWestern and Middle Eastern military sources monitoring the war in Syria, and networks monitoring Russian air force flights in the country, reported Wednesday afternoon that there was almost a clash earlier in the day between four Israeli F-15 fighters and two Russian Su-30 jets. The sources report that the Israeli warplanes, flying from the direction of the Mediterranean, approached Russia’s Hmeimim airbase near the Syrian city of Latakia. The Russian command, which apparently feared that the Israeli planes would fly over the base, scrambled two of their fighters that specialize in dogfights. Debkafiles military sources point out that Russia has deployed its advanced S-300 and S-400 antiaircraft missile batteries at the base. Read Article

Two Russian military aircraft intercepted by RAF Typhoons over the Baltic Sea

russian-aircraft-RAFTwo Russian military aircraft flying over the Baltic Sea without sharing a flight plan have been intercepted and shadowed by RAF Tycoons. The Typhoons were scrambled yesterday from the Amari Air base in Estonia after the Russian aircraft approached Baltic airspace. One of the Russian planes was identified as an Il-20M “Coot,” a surveillance aircraft, while the other was described as an An-26 “Curl” transport plane flying north from Kaliningrad. Read Article


Russian spy plane spotted over LANCASHIRE: Shock sighting as tensions with Putin boil over

Russia-spy-plane-578583The Antonov An-30, armed with five high-resolution cameras, was spotted by photographer Steve Bradley, 41, who was astonished to see it over his garden in Colne, Lancashire. It comes as British Typhoon jets were forced to intercept a Russian spy plane last week and escort it away from UK airspace. In the last month, three Russian warships have been monitored sailing through the English Channel. MPs in east Lancashire have raised concerns about what the spy plane was doing just 30 miles from Menwith Hill, a hi-tech NATO monitoring station, and 22 miles from BAE Systems military aircraft factory at Samlesbury. Read Article


Just 20ft from war: How Russian jet came within yards of mid-air collision with US military plane over the Baltic Sea… and if they had crashed it could have triggered a conflict

28B410D500000578-3082913-image-m-2_1431678274939A Russian jet flew dangerously close to a US military plane – only veering off when it came within 20 feet of causing a mid-air collision that could have triggered a major conflict. On April 7 a Russian Su-27 fighter jet targeted a US reconnaissance aircraft in international airspace over the Baltic Sea, American defence officials revealed last month. The event is one of a number of ‘serious’ incidents that have taken place between Russian and NATO military forces over the last 12 months, an independent security think-tank has reported. Each of these ‘involve close encounters of a more aggressive and unusually provocative nature’, according to the European Leadership Network (ELN).  Read Article


Russian cyber group seen preparing to attack banks

th-1A security firm is warning that a group of Russian hackers known for targeting military, government and media organizations is now preparing to attack banks in the U.S. and elsewhere. The group’s preparations, which have included writing new malware, registering domain names similar to those of intended targets, and setting up command-and-control servers, were discovered by analysts from security firm Root9B. The group has been active since at least 2007 and is known by various names including APT28 and Pawn Storm. Several security vendors believe it operates out of Russia and has possible ties to that country’s intelligence agencies. Read Article