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IMPORTANT – A Steve Quayle Alert

Q-ALERTS- EXPECT THE INTERNET TO GO DOWN AT SOME POINT AS MISSILES FLY–SUGGEST THOSE OF YOU WHO HAVE WAITED, ACQUIRE A SHORT WAVE RADIO AND HAVE IT OVERNIGHTED- ..Reuters reports that Russian envoy just announced that Russia will shoot down any missiles fried by USA into Syria.—- ‘I agree […]

Russian, Chinese Ships Tail USS Carl Vinson in East China Sea

The nuclear-powered aircraft carrier and its group are believed to be in waters around the East China Sea, heading north toward the Korean Peninsula. China and Russia, which prioritize stability on the Korean Peninsula, have expressed their concern over the tough US stance towards North Korea, with Russian Foreign […]

Israeli & Russian Planes Almost Crash Over Syria

Western and Middle Eastern military sources monitoring the war in Syria, and networks monitoring Russian air force flights in the country, reported Wednesday afternoon that there was almost a clash earlier in the day between four Israeli F-15 fighters and two Russian Su-30 jets. The sources report that the […]