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President Trump Supporters Will Never Surrender To Democrat Skullduggery: Biden’s Worst Nightmare Set To Come True As Widespread Voting Fraud Is Exposed At The US Supreme Court

Burning at the stake is out of fashion, so Democrats and RINOs decided to eliminate Trump in a squalid, sleazy, and shameful election. Whatever happens with the election results, Donald Trump owns the Republican Party. Many weak Republicans (RINOs) never recognized Trump as a political leader, mainly because he […]

Trump moves to unite Republican Party

Republican front-runner Donald Trump has gone from long-shot contender to become the party’s presumptive nominee with a commanding win in Indiana, as top rival Ted Cruz bowed out of the race. The New York billionaire, who has never held public office, had repeatedly defied pundits’ predictions that his campaign […]

US: Possible Cuts To Food Stamp Program

http://www.commondreams.org/news/2015/02/12/amid-lopsided-recovery-republicans-plan-cuts-food-stamp-program House Republicans are reportedly renewing efforts to cut the federal food stamp program, increasing restrictions on benefits and who may qualify for them. House Agriculture Committee chairman Mike Conaway (R-Texas) will introduce the effort at the committee’s February 25 meeting, the first of several hearings scheduled this year […]