CERN – Bilderberg Group – Aliens- Full disclosure

Published on Jun 3, 2017
Part one of a two part broadcast this week & Tony gets into CERN attending Bilderberg & what he thinks it means. Then Tony & Kev get into the new E-Magazine called “Entangled” before getting into a conversation on ancient aliens and the possibility of full disclosure.

PART 2 – Full Disclosure, The Coming Deception & Alien Abductions w/LA Marzulli & Anthony Patch

Published on Jun 3, 2017

L.A. Marzulli joins Anthony Patch on The Anthony Patch show for a fascinating discussion that covers topics including full disclosure of alien life, a coming deception, alien abductions & so much more!

News In Brief

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REVEALED: Killer jihadi, 27, ‘radicalized by YouTube’ was known to British police and was filmed arguing with cops after unfurling ISIS flag in a park one year before London Bridge terror attack

London jihadi was ‘euphoric’ hours before murdering seven as he asked a neighbor about hiring a truck: Father of two, who hid his hated of Western values behind ‘nice guy’ mask, tried to ‘radicalize children’

Death toll could rise in London Bridge terror attack: 7 dead, 21 critical

Historic-Artifact Replica, Or Demonic Harbinger? Why Is The Arch Of Baal Emerging Again, And Again, And Again? Is It A Demonic Reaction To THE TRUMP PROPHECIES?

Deadly 600 mm (23.6 in) of rain within 11 hours floods Taiwan, shuts down nuclear plant

 Godlike ‘Homo Deus’ Could Replace Humans as Tech Evolves

CNN host calls Trump ‘piece of sh–‘After Donald Trump posted a tweet Saturday urging “smart, vigilant and tough” actions in response to the London Bridge attack,

Very Strange Computer Problems ‘Wreak Havoc’ Across The Internet – Have You Been Hacked?

Popular TV Drama “House Of Cards” Depicts “Bilderbergers” At Bohemian Grove Offering Human Sacrifice To Alter Presidential Outcome (Do These Programmers Know Truth Behind The Resistance To The TRUMP PROPHECIES?)

We will not flinch from building up nuclear force’: N. Korea defiant in face of new sanctions

The Popes Marxist Head of The Jesuits

Putin Sends HUGE Message to Trump re: Paris Climate Agreement

London Terror Attack: Police Suddenly Change Clothes, What’s Going On?

Japan Holds Evacuation Drills, Showing Concern Over North Korea’s Missile Tests

12 Signs The Economic Slowdown The Experts Have Been Warning About Is Now Here

A Still Spiraling Disaster’ As Internet Troll Goes Down In Flames, Now Cries And Claims ‘Victimhood’

Putin says he has transcript that PROVES Trump did not pass Russia any secrets – calling the claim ‘rubbish’

IMG_0321Russian President Vladimir Putin said on Wednesday that U.S. President Donald Trump had not passed any secrets onto Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov during a meeting in Washington last week and that he could prove it. Speaking at a news conference alongside Italian Prime Minister Paolo Gentiloni, Putin quipped that Lavrov had not passed what he said were the non-existent secrets onto him either. The Russian strongman complained about what he said were signs of ‘political schizophrenia’ in the United States. Backing up Trump, Putin said the U.S. president wasn’t being allowed to do his job properly……Read /Video More

China’s new world order: Xi, Putin and others meet for Belt and Road Forum

IMG_0293.JPGThe Belt and Road Forum is China’s answer to Davos or the G20, centered around the colossal One Belt, One Road (OBOR) trade initiative. OBOR, which has been in the works for four years, spans more than 68 countries and up to 40% of global GDP. It is China’s push to put it in a position of world leadership as the US under President Donald Trump takes a more protectionist approach and gives up the mantle of globalization. In attendance Sunday were Chinese President Xi Jinping — whose personal project the OBOR initiative is — Russian President Vladimir Putin, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan and Philippines President Rodrigo Duterte, alongside a host of other world leaders and top ranking officials……Read More

‘It’s very important we hear what Putin has to say’ – Oliver Stone

The man behind three films about American presidents, Oliver Stone, says his upcoming feature about Russian President Vladimir Putin “opens up a whole viewpoint that we as Americans haven’t heard,” and could help prevent “a dangerous situation – on the brink of war.” Academy Award-winning director and revered documentary filmmaker Stone said in interview with the Sydney Morning Herald that his new film about Putin will be released soon. “It’s not a documentary as much as a question and answer session,” he said. “Mr. Putin is one of the most important leaders in the world and in so far as the United States has declared him an enemy – a great enemy – I think it’s very important we hear what he has to say.” The film will present Putin’s viewpoint of political events since he was first elected president of Russia in March 2000……Read More

Russia Plans to Upgrade Syrian Air Defenses After U.S. Missile Strike

RUSSIA-SYRIA-CONFLICT-RALLYRussian Defense Ministry spokesman Igor Konashenkov said on Friday that Moscow would “strengthen and raise the effectiveness of the Syrian armed forces’ systems of anti-ai Konashankov promised a “complex of measures” would be taken to “protect the most sensitive Syrian infrastructure facilities.” The Defense Ministry also claimed the American strike was largely ineffective, stating that only 23 of 59 Tomahawk cruise missiles launched by the U.S. Navy struck their targets. (The Pentagon provided a very different estimate, stating that 58 of the 59 missiles hit their targets.) “The combat effectiveness of the US massive missile attack on the Syrian air base is extremely low,” Russia’s Defense Ministry insisted. According to the Russian assessment, six MiG-23 fighter jets   and some structures at the airbase were destroyed, but the runways were not damaged…….Read More

US air strikes in Syria: Missile attack sparks new chill for US and Russia

Donald-Trump-Vladimir-Putin-Syria-strikes-789353The air strikes ordered by Donald Trump on Syria have made one of the most vicious wars in recent years even more volatile, raising the spectre of a confrontation between the  The launch of 59 Tomahawk cruise missiles from the USS Porter and USS Ross at Sharyat airbase, supposedly used for the chemical attack by the regime on Idlib, was an operation limited in scope. But what then unfolded has ratcheted up tension between the US and Russia to a combustible level. Moscow suspended the communication system under which the US and Russia exchange information on operations to avoid inadvertent clashes between their respective forces in Syria. Vladimir Putin, who denounced the air strikes, as an “illegal act of aggression” also ordered the frigate, Admiral Grigorovitch, armed with cruise missiles, to move from the Black Sea to the Syrian port of Tartus and for a fresh batch of the S-400 and S-300 surface-to-air missiles, which are already stationed in Syria in large numbers, to be sent to protect Russian and regime forces……Read More


Syria air strikes: US threatens further military action against Syrian regime

War fears after Trump’s blitz on Syria: US warned by Putin over missile strikes