ANALYSIS: Russia is winning, America is self-destructing… prepare for EXTREME POVERTY as 50-year economic fairy tale implodes

Do not confuse the headline of this analysis with any conclusions of who we’re rooting for. We are rooting for America and the American people, yet we simultaneously realize that the current occupying US government is an illegitimate, treasonous crime cartel that rigged the 2020 election, built the covid bioweapon and is trying to mass exterminate... Continue Reading →

Why Putin wins

Did Vladimir Putin ever intend to invade Ukraine? Or were his troop manoeuvres just a game — another test of the West’s resolve? If the latter, the Russian President can count the past few weeks a huge success. He has established that no western country has any desire to respond to a blatant threat to... Continue Reading →

German Chancellor Merkel Demands Putin Pull Back Troops From Flashpoint Border As War Between Russia And Ukraine Seems Imminent.

“The Chancellor demanded that this build-up be unwound in order to de-escalate the situation,” Germany’s government said in a readout of a telephone call between Merkel and Putin. The Kremlin, for its part, said in its readout of the phone call that “Vladimir Putin noted provocative actions by Kyiv which is deliberately inflaming the situation... Continue Reading →

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