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Massive Protest & Strong EXPLOSION Rock Paris, France

For the eighth week in a row, citizens of France have taken to the streets to protest conditions in their country.  Tens-of-thousands of “Yellow Jackets” are on the march in major cities.  Police have been arresting many for “unauthorized protesting” but the numbers of protesters continue to rise!…..Read […]

Deep State: Six Weeks to the Shut Down of America

Published on May 22, 2017 George Soros and friends are mobilizing their forces. They have expanded their create a hot summer for America plan. Now there are over 140 cities which could be impacted by raging violence.  The number expenditure for many local police departments is riot gear. […]

Venezuelan president braced for protests as political crisis deepens

Venezuela’s political crisis has deepened after the country’s president, Nicolás Maduro, predicted that the opposition-controlled parliament would soon “disappear” while his political rivals prepared for a day of protests in the capital to demand a recall vote. Both sides have intensified the rhetoric as they vie for control of […]

McDonald’s workers are launching mass protests over low wages

Already losing market share to more innovative restaurants that are dropping GMOs (Chipotle) and toxic chemical ingredients (Panera), McDonald’s is about to be hit with a massive worker protest. “McDonald’s workers will gatecrash the burger company’s shareholder meeting later this month with ‘the biggest ever protest’ demanding an end […]

TTIP Partnership may cost Europe jobs

As a bilateral trade agreement,Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP), expected to be signed already before the end of this year, is about reducing the regulatory barriers to trade for big business, things like food safety law, environmental legislation, banking regulations and the sovereign powers of individual nations. […]