Simone Gold, who advocated hydroxychloroquine as a remedy for coronavirus, arrested in connection to Capitol “riot”

The left-wing media is having a heyday with the news that America’s Frontline Doctors head Dr. Simone Gold was arrested for having appeared at the United States Capitol on Jan. 6. Dr. Gold was present with her megaphone to deliver a speech about the dangers and ineffectiveness of Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) vaccines, urging listeners to instead take... Continue Reading →

Christianity CRACKDOWN: China shuts churches and jails pastors in ‘Mao-style’ persecution

CHINA is cracking down on Christianity by shutting hundreds of unofficial “house churches”, throwing pastors in prison, and increasing surveillance and control.The renewed religious persecution even involves the government writing a new state translation of the Bible to establish the “correct understanding” of scripture. The attack on Christianity comes amid ongoing reports of muslims being... Continue Reading →

China creates church-free zones around schools; Communists want Christians to lose faith: believer

The Chinese government is creating “church-free zones” around schools and is requiring places of worship to submit the names of their youth members. Bitter Winter magazine, which reports on Christian persecution in China, said it recently obtained a copy of the document, titled "Implementation Plan on the Special Governance of Private Christian Gathering Sites" in the... Continue Reading →

Weaponized Demons of Social Media

It is time my fellow Christians.  The words of Jesus concerning persecution will soon be coming to pass here in America.  The seeds of this persecution were introduced in 2005 at the UN level and began to sprout in the United States on Halloween 2005.  This war is primarily an invisible war but manifests in... Continue Reading →

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