Everything You Need To Know About CERN AWAKE Experiment – Osiris, Nimrod DNA Resurrection and More with Anthony Patch

Published on May 9, 2017
Anthony Patch joins us to mark the re-start of the AWAKE Plasma Accelerator at CERN. Just what is this AWAKE device? What makes it different from the particle accelerators we already have? What impact, if any, will it have on your life? And, just what are Shiva Lingas all about?

Well, for the answers to all these questions & a full history of the science, join us on The Kev Baker Show Ep#712 with Anthony Patch!

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Collaboration of Anthony Patch and End Times Matrix News research with Tim and Kris. We show how CERN is opening a portal Through the Birkland Currents of Jupiter! Jupiter is Satan and He is the resurrected Saturn in the Underworld. The Son of Saturn Jupiter will TRY to COPY Jesus Christ Being Resurrected from the Underworld as APOLLO who’s Temple and Grave is Under CERN MACHINE an Alchemy Machine. The Ring of Saturn is attached to the Awake Accelerator and we will explain in mythos how this is a REPLICA of 4096 the ogdoad the AUM trinity of Saturn Venus and Jupiter to raise as Apollo! The ANTICHRIST! Continue reading “DECODING THE 4096 KEY & ANTICHRIST APOLLO W ANTHONY PATCH”