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How Long Can Gulf Nations Endure Low Oil Prices?

emergingequity.org/2015/02/03/how-long-can-gulf-nations-endure-low-oil-prices/ By Jennifer Hunt-University of Sydney In his first royal decree, Saudi Arabia’s newly crowned King Salman announced two-month bonuses for state employees, pensioners, students, and recipients of social service programs (that is, everyone in the country with a Saudi passport). It adds billions of dollars’ worth of spending […]

Poverty Hits 48.4% Of Households In Venezuela

Poverty in Venezuelan in 2014 hit 48.4% of households, thus exceeding the figures reported in recent years, according to a social survey disclosed on Thursday by the three most notorious universities of the country. Based on the figures of the National Statistics Institute, households living in poverty amounted […]

Growing The Russia-China New Relationship

While the Obama Administration is preoccupied with keeping an increasingly unhappy EU firm on further economic sanctions against Vladimir Putin’s Russia, Putin is busy outflanking an increasingly desperate Washington. Rather than fixate on the deliberate US and NATO provocations in Ukraine, Russia is deepening its strategic ties with […]

King World News – Top Stories Today – Must Reads

Extraordinary Level Of Chaos And Confusion Now Engulfing World Markets A Terrifying Look At What The World Faces – A Number Of Dire Warnings Destructive Forces Now Being Unleashed Across The Globe Jeff Gundlach’s Troubling 2015 Predictions Worry Market Participants Putin Draws Line In The Sand As West’s […]