How Long Can Gulf Nations Endure Low Oil Prices?

emergingequity.org/2015/02/03/how-long-can-gulf-nations-endure-low-oil-prices/ By Jennifer Hunt-University of Sydney In his first royal decree, Saudi Arabia’s newly crowned King Salman announced two-month bonuses for state employees, pensioners, students, and recipients of social service programs (that is, everyone in the country with a Saudi passport). It adds billions of dollars’ worth of spending […]

‘Financial Meteorologists’ And Their Political Predictions About The Russian Economic Storm

http://emergingequity.org/2015/01/18/financial-meteorologists-and-their-political-predictions-about-the-russian-economic-storm Credit rating agencies are predicting quite a storm for the Russian economy, and they are therefore threatening to lower the country’s status to ‘junk’ level. Just as a weatherman may be incorrect about their storm predictions, so too may a ‘financial meteorologist’, except the latter has ulterior […]