WW3 boiling: China lodges formal complaint with USA over Iran ballistic missile tests

has complained repeatedly to the about unilateral sanctions against Chinese individuals and companies linked to either Iran or North Korea’s nuclear or missile programmes . US President Donald Trump extended wide sanctions relief for Iran called for under a 2015 international nuclear deal even as he imposed the new penalties. Chinese Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Hua Chunying said China followed local rules and regulations and closely adhered to its responsibilities to the international community. She told a daily news briefing: “China is opposed to the blind use of unilateral sanctions particularly when it damages the interests of third parties.  …..Read More

Senator McCain Says Israel Should ‘Go Rogue’ to Stop Iran Nuke Deal

thTalks between Iran and six world leaders about Iran’s nuclear program are ongoing and appear to be extended past Tuesday’s deadline for the outline of an agreement. All sides are saying they are making progress, which means a successful agreement that would lift international sanctions against Iran and restrict them from obtaining nuclear weapons is a real possibility. But don’t tell Arizona Republican Senator John McCain that. McCain took to the Senate floor to suggest that Israel “go rogue” and resist any kind of agreement. Not doing so, said McCain, might mean they don’t survive the nearly two years left in the Obama presidency. Read Article