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BREAKING NEWS: First arrest over Trump leaks: Intelligence contractor charged under espionage laws over claim she handed secret NSA report on Russian hacking to website

The feds have leveled the first charges against an individual in connection with leaks related to Russian election hacking. The government has charged Reality Leigh Winner, 25, a Georgia intelligence contractor, with passing secret documents to the media. ‘Winner is a contractor with Pluribus International Corporation assigned to a U.S. […]

BIX NEWS: Here Comes The Tower Card!

Weir says the collapse of the system is already baked in the cake. There is no way to stop it now as it is a necessary “Creative Destruction Event” in order for humanity to move forward. It will be painful. It will be messy. It will cause many, […]

Hackers Unleash Second NSA-Developed Cyber-Weapon On Dark Web

While a second variant of the WannaCry(pt) ransomware (based on NSA’s EternalBlue exploit) was spreading across the globe yesterday, The FT reports criminal hacking groups have repurposed a second classified cyber weapon stolen from US spies and have made it available on the so-called dark web. On Monday, the […]

‘The Breakdown Has Begun’ – Expert Warns ‘This Is Not Over’ – ‘Atom Bomb’ Of Malware May Be Just The Tip Of The Iceberg As President Trump Orders America To Prepare

The series of stories linked to on the front of the Drudge Report on Friday afternoon reporting upon the ransomware computer infections being reported worldwide as hackers hit dozens of countries allegedly exploiting a stolen NSA hacking tool that allowed them to cripple the British health system amongst […]