Iran’s Ahmadinejad running for president again, defies Ayatollah

Iran’s former President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad on Wednesday stunned the country by unexpectedly filing to run in the May presidential election, contradicting a recommendation from the supreme leader to stay out of the race.Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, former president of Iran, on Wednesday unexpectedly registered to run in the upcoming presidential elections in May. Ahmadinejad’s surprise decision could... Continue Reading →

‘All Churches in America Have Muslim Spies in Them’ Who Are ‘Cataloging’ Every Jew and Christian in Preparation for Jihad

Jewish author Avi Lipkin warned Monday that "all" churches in America have been infiltrated by Muslim spies who frequently pretend to have found Christ but are really looking to provide intelligence to radical Muslims who will try to kill all Jews and Christians when jihad is ordered upon the U.S. Lipkin, who has authored a number... Continue Reading →

Muslim site predicts Jesus will return in 2022 A mainstream Muslim website recently declared that the Imam Mahdi will appear either this year or in 2016, and that Jesus will return in 2022. and the End Times Research Center believe the first phase of the End of Time will begin soon, and lead to the Day of Judgement in seven years. The estimates... Continue Reading →

1 dead in Copenhagen cafe shooting in ‘likely’ terror attack At least one gunman opened fire Saturday on a Copenhagen cafe, killing one man in what authorities called a likely terror attack during a free speech event organized by an artist who had caricatured the Prophet Muhammad. The shooting, which also wounded three police officers, came a month after extremists killed 12 people at a... Continue Reading →

War with Isis: If the Saudis aren’t fuelling the militant inferno, who is? The image of a Muslim burned alive is more terrible for millions of Muslims than that of an “unbeliever” burned alive. So just who are the Muslims who support the immolation of a young Jordanian? And, more to the point, who are their masters? Jordanians, more than half of whom are Palestinians, must now... Continue Reading →

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