West Coast Seismic Alert: 2 Alaskan Volcanoes Erupt As Earthquake Swarms At Mount St. Helens Raise Concerns

Volcano-Erupting-Full-Moon-Public-DomainMount St. Helens, Mount Rainier and Mount Hood are all major volcanoes that lie along the infamous “Ring of Fire” that runs down the west coast of the United States, and all of the seismic activity that has been taking place in the region has many concerned about what may happen next.  Earlier this month, I wrote about how 45 earthquakes of magnitude 2.5 or greater hit Alaska in just one 24 hour period.  This week, it is volcanic activity that is raising concerns.  The earthquake swarms at Mount St. Helens are making headlines all over the globe, and on Tuesday two major volcanoes in Alaska suddenly erupted on the exact same day…..Read More

Mount Rainier: Local experts warn of future volcanic eruptions

th-2The eruption of Mount St. Helens 35 years ago was a wake-up call, and experts say it’s not the only nearby mountain threatening to blow its top. “We will have a problem sometime in the future,” said Richard Schroedel, Supervisor of Planning and Preparedness for Pierce County’s Emergency Management Agency. Mount Rainier, for example, is an active but dormant volcano. “You’ve got the potential for an eruption that could cause problems for the entire county and the entire state, just like St. Helens did,” Schroedel said. Many who live in the shadow of Mount Rainier know the danger, but chose to live nearby anyway. Read Article