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If ISIS Loses Mosul, What Then?

On October 17, 18,000 Iraqi Security Forces, 10,000 Kurds, several thousand policemen, and an array of Sunni and Shia militia fighters, along with their American advisors, began a long-awaited campaign to take back the Iraqi city of Mosul from the Islamic State. “I am announcing today the beginning […]

Reports 300 Yazidi executed

Islamic State militants have executed captured members of Iraq’s minority Yazidi community, Yazidi and Iraqi groups say, amid conflicting reports about the exact number of the victims. The Yazidi Progress Party said the extremist militia had killed more than 300 Yazidis on Friday in the town of Tal Afar […]

Why ISIS Is Plundering the Ancient World

Why ISIS Is Plundering the Ancient World – newsweek.com by Lucy Westcott They’re among the oldest artifacts in Iraq, but to the Islamic State (ISIS) they’re nothing more than stones and precious metals forged to honor false gods. Over the past week, ISIS has reportedly begun looting and […]