Large_hailstoneThe winds blew, lightning flashed and thunder boomed. Trees bowed as the mighty winds rushed over them like a wild river. Leaves twist and turned wildly, finally snapping and shooting off with the driving winds. Winds so strong, no man could stand upright and no loose thing could stay still. The sky was black from debris. Papers, leaves, dirt and dust swirled and then shot into the current of violent winds along with all the other flotsam. Shingles flapped incessantly; some loosing their hold, joining the whipping winds, flying to an unknown destination. The intensity of the storm created tornadoes left and right. As if to toy with their recipient, the tornado would quickly twist down from its high perch, briefly touch the earth and shoot back up to the cloud from which it came. It was hard to tell if all of the damage was from the tornadoes or the driving winds. Read Article

God and Math Prove That Nothing is Greater Than the Love of God

God and Math Prove That Nothing is Greater Than the Love of God –

by Darrell creswell


In this verse we read “For by him all things were created”. This verse tells us tells us the origin of math. It tells us God created all things. The word “all” includes everything, even math. How does math work? It works by God. In the next verse we read, “In Him all things hold together”. Math is precise, because God holds it all together. Mathematical truths are real only because they are not the product of the human mind, but of the divine mind. It was God who had invented math and it is He who has placed mathematical laws on the universe. For humanity, mathematics is a matter of discovery, rather than invention. As we learn the absolute consistency of math we know that an absolute consistent God is the inventor of that truth.

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