Rick Wiles Issues An Extremely Ominous Warning: “The Alarms Are Ringing Again”

IMG_0509.JPGWhat you are about to read is going to absolutely shock you. Rick Wiles has done outstanding work over at TruNews for well over a decade, and now just days before the August 21st solar eclipse he has issued his most ominous warning ever. His warning is not directly related to the eclipse, but I find it extremely interesting that it is coming at approximately the same time, because many consider the eclipse itself to be some sort of warning. I was a TruNews listener way before I ever started The Economic Collapse Blog, and I know Rick’s track record. So I would take what follows very, very seriously…….Read More

White House News



IMG_0350The mainstream media is melting down after Infowars received White House press credentials, underscoring how the establishment wants to monopolize the news coming from the White House to undermine President Trump. Infowars posted a short article on Monday morning showing DC correspondent Jerome Corsi inside the White House press area, which triggered thousands of mainstream media articles and tweets by establishment journalists outraged that they can no longer distort news to make President Trump look bad…….Read More

Expert Warns: ‘This Could Be The Final Straw That Ends America’

rip_Seth_Rich.gifWith the mainstream media and Washington DC establishment still in total meltdown mode over President Donald Trump and Russia and the resultant naming of a special prosecutor as Susan Duclos reports today in her new story on ANP, we take a look at the ridiculous ‘witch hunt‘ against Trump now underway. The fact that ‘Trump loyalists’ are paying little to no attention to the ‘revelations rocking DC’ at a time when the Democratic National Committee has been fingered for murder in a story that was quickly buried by the completely complicit and still-lying and corrupt-to-the-rotten-core mainstream media proves to us the ‘battle lines’ have been drawn and danger lies ahead…….Read More

‘You Have Been Served!’ – Hillary Just Got the Worst News of the Campaign

img_0008The mainstream media might just have to begin a brand new round of defending Hillary Clinton on the issue of her mishandling of classified information through her private, unauthorized, and illegal email server. It appears another device – with copies of every deleted email – has been discovered! Breitbart.com reports that a backup data device called a “Datto,” containing Clinton’s private emails exists. They report that Judicial Watch has discovered the device is in the possession of the FBI. They have now filed a FOIA request to pressure the agency into producing the long forgotten device, sending the FOIA request via Certified Mail so as to have a record of the request. The existence of a full record of Hillary Clinton’s 33,000 deleted private emails could very well be a game changer… that is if the FBI produces the material in an expedited manner. With just 24 days until Election Day, every second counts. Read More

Latest Warning To ‘Be Prepared’ Comes From MSM – Food Shortages, Disease, Riots and Martial Law On The Doorstep

DEESJADEHELMIf you were following the news about a far away, distant country where reports indicated that due to severe weather conditions causing crops to fail, certain foods were to be imported because of shortages, prices were increasing dramatically on basics, that they also expected a very large segment of their population to become unemployed, that certain regions were suffering from massive violent protests, that their law enforcement was being targeted and in some cases murdered on the streets and disease was spreading throughout the country…. would you assume you were watching a rapidly deteriorating society? Read Article

Why Are UFO’s & Alien Life Suddenly Being Discussed In The Mainstream?


aliensufogreysmothershipIs the government and media gearing up for disclosure?

There was a time when the mainstream press would only cover aliens and UFO’s if it were a satirical piece, after all aliens were relegated to the realm of tin foil hats and science fiction. Recently however more and more publications are talking about the possibility of alien life like it is becoming science fact.This open discussion of these topics in publications such as The Guardian, The Daily Mail, Metro, The Huffington Post and even Sky News to name a few. The headlines openly discuss the possibilities of alien life and the vastness of space and the likelihood we will find life. Read Full Article