Terrorists have the ‘means, knowledge and information’ to create a nuclear bomb warns UN atomic chief

image.pngTerrorists have the ‘means, knowledge and information’ to create a nuclear bomb, the head of the UN atomic watchdog has warned in the wake of the Brussels attacks.  The warnings of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) chief Yukiya Amano come just days before world leaders meet for an important summit against ‘nuclear terrorism’. ‘Terrorism is spreading and the possibility of using nuclear material cannot be excluded,’ Mr Amano told AFP. ‘Member states need to have sustained interest in strengthening nuclear security. Read More


Scientists Can Now Upload Knowledge To Your Brain, Just Like ‘The Matrix’

matrix-upload-information-640x350Scientists believe they may have taken the first steps towards making Matrix-style ‘instant learning’ a reality. A team of researchers from HRL Laboratories in California conducted experiments in which they studied the brain signals of trained pilots and attempted to ‘transplant’ them into the brains of beginners who were using a flight simulator. The technique is similar to that seen in 1999’s The Matrix, in which the protagonist, Neo, learns Kung Fu in a matter of seconds after the knowledge is uploaded directly into his brain. Read More