Japan requiring domestic clinical trials before giving coronavirus vaccines the green light

The rollout of Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) vaccines in Japan has been delayed due to the country’s insistence on running domestic clinical trials before it approves any vaccine. The one outstanding condition Japan requires from Moderna, BioNTech-Pfizer, AstraZeneca and several other pharmaceutical companies is that they conduct small clinical trials on Japanese citizens that demonstrate the vaccines are able... Continue Reading →

Bright fireball explodes over Tokyo, sonic boom reported, Japan

A bright fireball streaked across Japan's capital Tokyo at 17:32 UTC on July 1, 2020 (02:32 JST, July 2). Many people reported hearing a sonic boom minutes after the meteor exploded, which is considered rare, according to the National Astronomical Observatory. Daichi Fujii, a curator at Hiratsuka City Museum in Kanagawa Prefecture, caught the spectacular phenomenon with a camera installed... Continue Reading →

Typhoon Kong-rey pounding Okinawa

Typhoon Kong-rey is battering Japan's southern prefecture of Okinawa. It's the second storm to hit the region in less than a week. At least 8 people were injured when they were blown over by gusts of wind. The typhoon is moving north over Okinawa. It has caused blackouts in some areas. Officials at a power company... Continue Reading →

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