Italian government implicated in elaborate election fraud scheme against Trump

Swiss-American author and researcher Neal Sutz has revealed that not just Switzerland but also Italy played a major role in stealing the 2020 election for Joe Biden. Switzerland, Sutz revealed, recently purchased the sole rights of Scytl, the bankrupt Spanish company tied to Dominion Voting Systems that, according to several statistical analyses, switched hundreds of thousands of votes from... Continue Reading →

Maria Zack: Italy Did It – Arturo D’Elia Admits to Stealing @lect%on: This May Be The Biggest News Story Of The Year.

Documents were delivered to people in Congress and the Presidents Chief of Staff. This May Be The Biggest News Story Of The Year. President Trump Was Right, There Was Foreign Interference In The Election. Affidavits are being submitted at 1:30 pm 1-7-202. Here It Is, The Bombshell American’s Have Been waiting For….This Is The Missing Piece Of the Puzzle! Voter... Continue Reading →

Italy earthquake: Sicily rocked by 4.8 magnitude quake

ITALY has been rocked by an earthquake that injured dozens of people and wrecked buildings close to an active volcano. According to initial findings from firefighters, no significant structural damage has been sustained. In Biancavilla, Santa Maria di Licodia and Adrano there were reports of collapsed old rural houses and stone walls.....Read More

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