Weaponized Demons of Social Media

It is time my fellow Christians.  The words of Jesus concerning persecution will soon be coming to pass here in America.  The seeds of this persecution were introduced in 2005 at the UN level and began to sprout in the United States on Halloween 2005.  This war is primarily an invisible war but manifests in... Continue Reading →


After a brief hiatus, The Doug Hagmann Radio Show is back in its regular time slot on Monday, September 24, 2018. During the show’s absence from the airwaves, Doug has twice traveled to Washington, DC to conduct significant research and investigation into the ongoing coup against our President. Despite the ever-changing headlines, this is without... Continue Reading →

Hackers post step-by-step ransomware guides on YouTube instructing would-be attackers on how to create viruses are-guides

Hackers have posted step-by-step video guides on YouTube instructing would-be cyber attackers on how to create their own ransomware. The virus software that crippled the NHS can be bought for as little as £16 online and requires little technical know-how to get up and running. The video website has deleted a number of videos that were uploaded... Continue Reading →

Japan scrambles jets to head off six Russian bombers

Six Russian aircraft seen close to Japanese airspace forced fighter jets to be scrambled today, according to reports in Tokyo. Japanese defence forces first reacted after two Tu-95 Bear strategic bombers were seen close to the Pacific Ocean. Soon afterwards two Russian Ilyushin Il-38 fighter jets were sent out to Hokkaido, which is Japan's most northern island,... Continue Reading →

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