They’re coming for patriots: Leftists want a new “secret police force” to spy on, arrest, imprison Trump supporters as “terrorists”

If you never thought that you would live long enough to see Soviet- and Chinese Communist-style totalitarianism in the United States, the world’s global beacon of ‘freedom’ and ‘individual liberty,’ think again. You have. Coming soon to the nation’s capital, if deranged, power-mad Democratic leftists get their way, is a new “secret police” agency that will... Continue Reading →

Treasury joins White House, Pentagon in warning Israel over Chinese creeping influence.

WASHINGTON - Yet another Trump administration official expressed alarm this week over China's creeping influence over Israeli infrastructure. Following statements of concern from the White House and Pentagon, a top official at the Treasury Department has now told Israeli cabinet members during a visit to the country that Chinese technology companies working in Israel pose a... Continue Reading →

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