Motels Sharing “Daily Guest List with Police” and Aiding Warrant Checks on Every Guest

motel6The motel and hotel industry is not only spying you, it is partnering with police. This isn’t just routine cooperation when police request information for criminal investigations. Instead, it is apparently everyday data sharing on every guest. It is a troubling private-public overlap where motel and hotel clerks are systematically sharing “do not rent” lists and helping police to run checks on guests daily for outstanding warrants. Staying at Motel 6, and other chains pursuing similar policies, now includes a hidden guilty-until-proven innocent background check that puts ordinary travelers one step away from a call to police.  Read Article

Rise of Robot Factories Leading ‘Fourth Industrial Revolution’

209c8-robots_001Busy day? A million things to do? Well, here’s depressing news: you’ll probably mess up about 1,000 of them. That’s what the research shows, at least: for every million tasks a human performs, even the best of us inserts mistakes between 500 and 1,000 times. It might seem a lot, but think of the number of emails you send containing a typo, the number of dishes that make it to the drying rack with a fleck of food still on them, the gaffes when talking with colleagues, the mismatched socks you only spot at lunchtime.Read Full Article