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Hamas paying civilians to engage in violence.

Thousands of Palestinians are gathering at the border today to engage in a violent riot against Israel. Hamas has openly stated that they are paying civilians to engage in violence and that any one killed will earn $3000 for their family, and those injured earn $500. Where do you […]

Palestinian ‘March of Return’ Goal: To Destroy Israel

On March 30, an attempt by tens of thousands of Palestinians in the Gaza Strip to infiltrate the border with Israel launched a six-week campaign of mass protests — called the “March of Return” — organized by Hamas, Islamic Jihad and other radical Palestinian groups. The groups encouraged Palestinians […]

Israeli planes strike Gaza after rocket attacks

Israeli warplanes struck multiple militant targets in the Gaza Strip early Thursday in response to Palestinian rocket fire, but nobody was injured according to Palestinian security sources. They said that the raids hit three training bases of the Ezzedine al-Qassam brigades, the military wing of Hamas, in Gaza City […]

Hamas Using Truce to Prepare for Next Clash With Israel

In the nine months since Hamas fought a 50-day war with Israel, the terrorist group has exploited the months of recent quiet to prepare itself for the next clash, which it assumes will inevitably come. Hamas is in the midst of a full-scale rocket rearmament and tunnel reconstruction drive. […]

Report: Israeli Jet Struck Weapons Depots in Libya

Arab news sources reported at week’s end that an unidentified jet believed to be Israeli destroyed warehouses in southern Libya that held weapons bought by Iran for Hamas. According to the reports in Al Watan and other news outlets, the warehouses were completely destroyed. The weapons that were inside […]