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The Centrality of Man in Creation

The creation of the human race was the central object of God’s creative purpose from the beginning. In an important sense, everything else was created for humanity, and every step of creation up to that point had one main purpose: to prepare a perfect environment for Adam. The […]

Israel belongs to God and He Will deal with Them

When it comes to Israel, the biblical ignorance among people who claim the name of Christ is truly astonishing. Replacement theology is still being taught in 80% of America’s churches and the proof lies in the uneducated and unbiblical comments that frequent this page all too often. Thank […]

Why 30 Million Are Fed Up With Today’s Church

Approximately 30 million people are “done” with today’s church, according to new research by sociologist Dr. Josh Packard, but they aren’t necessarily done with God. “They are giving up on an institution that they experience as irrelevant if not an impediment to their spiritual growth. While space does not […]