King of the globalists: Charles III is a key figure behind WEF that’s pushing the Great Reset

(Natural News)Upon the death of Queen Elizabeth II, her son Charles III ascended to the throne as the monarch of the United Kingdom. He will be officially crowned the following year after his mother’s death – on June 2, 2023. Following tradition, the British monarch should remain apolitical.But there is something sinister that people should be concerned about. Apparently, Charles... Continue Reading →

Aussie Farmer – Incoming Food Shortages, Population Starvation & the Fight of Our Lives

Wade Northausen is a third-generation Australian Farmer. He joins us to discuss various legislation and policies that have been implemented in our country and worldwide which spell food shortages, population starvation, and the fight of our lives as globalist corporations take over all of the world’s farmland, bodily autonomy, and more. He takes us through what... Continue Reading →

US government paying behavioral science influence groups to generate new “interventions” to brainwash more Americans into taking covid vaccines

In June of 2022, the United States government pumped $20 million into a new behavioral science program that seeks to brainwash more Americans to take covid vaccines. The National Science Foundation, an entity of the federal government, transferred the taxpayer funds to the Social Science Research Council (SSRC), to advance a worldwide vaccine uptake program... Continue Reading →

New intel on Russia; GREEDY goats

As a patriotic American, this is the kind of article that pains me to write. But unlike the Democrats and their make believe gender identity fairy tales that pretend biology isn’t real, I can’t simply choose to alter the laws of economics and tell you something that isn’t so. The truth is that based on... Continue Reading →


Reposted from 2015 - Given Australia’s strong banking system, what would need to happen for it to fall and submit to a One World Order of finance and banking? In order for Australia’s strong financial and banking system to fall as indicated by Revelation 13:16–17, there would need to be a Governmental deregulation of the... Continue Reading →


“Bill Gates warned that a devastating ‘quirk of nature’ could kill 30 million people in less than a year. ”   How did he know?  There has been a great deal of predictive programming in the years leading up to this “Plandemic”.  More importantly than that, you should know that the elite who run this world have... Continue Reading →

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