HURRICANE MICHAEL: A Targeted Geoengineered Superstorm……WHY?

Photo From -  WEATHER WARFARE: Globalists Order Geoengineers to “Shock & Awe” America with Superstorms State of the Nation. - Hurricane Michael is only the most recent weather weapon launched by the globalist-controlled geoengineers at the U.S. coastline and heartland. There are multiple reasons why the globalists are directing this Cat. 4 Hurricane at the Florida Panhandle. Midterm... Continue Reading →

Scientists Will Now Alter Weather Over Arizona – Chemtrails Added To Cloud Atlas

The Guardian — Harvard engineers who launched the world’s biggest solar geoengineering research program may get a dangerous boost from Donald Trump, environmental organizations are warning. Under the Trump administration, enthusiasm appears to be growing for the controversial technology of solar geo-engineering, which aims to spray sulphate particles into the atmosphere to reflect the sun’s radiation... Continue Reading →

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