C.E.O. in Europe Sounds the Alarm: Heading into Banking Crisis, Collapse of Industry, Households, Economy — “weeks away”

Tuomas Malinen is the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of GnS Economics in Helsinki, Finland. Today, Wednesday, September 7, 2022, he is publicly saying that Europe is heading into a total collapse of business, and its currency, within weeks. According to its website, GnS Economics is an independent, Helsinki-based macroeconomic consultancy specialized in forecasting and analyzing the... Continue Reading →

“The Real War is Economic and Currency Related”

http://www.shtfplan.com/forecasting/greece-is-just-the-beginning-isis-and-ukraine-are-skirmishes-the-real-war-is-economic-and-currency- Editor’s Note: Between the manipulation of gas & oil prices, to the contentious events in Ukraine, with ISIS in the Middle East and the new debt bomb in Greece, there is little doubt for anyone paying attention that a currency war is definitely underway. The only question is: who will prevail, and who is holding... Continue Reading →

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