Global Emergency As 12 Cracks Appear At Belgium Nuclear Reactor

IMG_0442At least twelve news cracks have been found in the nuclear reactors at the Tihange and Doel power plants in Belgium after an ultrasonic inspection was carried out.The inspection detected an alarming number of ‘microcracks’ since the last study was conducted three years ago according to reports.Seventy additional cracks were also found at the Tihange 2 nuclear reactor during the ultrasonic inspection in April according to the Belga news agency.Tihange is just 60 kilometers away from the German border, while Doel is around 150 kilometers way, putting residents within the area at possible risk. Fears that the cracks may lead to another Nuclear Disaster like Fukushima…….Read More


Japan to “Drop Tanks” Full of Fukushima Nuclear Waste Directly into Ocean

dd395-plume-site-1The Fukushima nuclear disaster in Japan happened more than six years ago, and most people, especially the non-Japanese, don’t even register it anymore. In most people’s minds, given the amount of time that has passed, the situation should have been ‘handled’ by now. After all, that’s what governments are for, right? In the following video, Right Wing News looks at disturbing new reports which shows that not only is the situation far from ‘handled’, but that it may be rapidly worsening. In an attempt to cool the reactors, they have generated 920,000 tons of radioactive contaminated water. They are running out of storage space and are now talking about dumping it straight into the ocean. Oh, and they’re not sure if the nuclear cores are still within the reactor or if they have melted through the bottom. How long will it take for this disaster to be fully contained?

Scientists Reveal Fukushima Doused Everyone on Earth With Radiation

Fukushima-Radiation-Earthquake-TsunamiWhen the crisis at the Fukushima power plant first began six years ago, there were legitimate fears that the radioactive particles spewing from the fuel rods could blanket the Earth. Since then the experts and the mainstream media have downplayed that possibility. Either they don’t think it’s possible, or they don’t think it’ll be significant. But recently, scientists in Norway have revealed that the radiation emitted from Fukushima really did have a global reachIt’s been over half a decade since Japan’s Fukushima-Daiichi nuclear plant suffered a catastrophic meltdown due to the effects of a tsunami which struck the island nation, …….Read More

Massive Coverup: Collapse of Ocean Food Chains … mass death to humans will follow

Sea-Ocean-Water-Sky-e1471525908946Natural News: Marine fish provides 15 percent of all animal protein consumed by humans. Unfortunately, we may not have the luxury of eating fish much longer. While academics are forbidden, under threat, to share their findings on the actual health of the Pacific Ocean, stories of blue deserts void of life are popping up along the West Coast and other coastal regions around the world. The oceans are slowly dying, and with them, a significant part of our food supply will disappear. Since the number of smaller marine life dramatically reduces every year, bigger predators are starving to death. The causes of the recent mass strandings and die-offs of marine life are numerous, ranging from overfishing and climate change to plastic pollution and radioactive contamination….Read More

Stuxnet, Fukushima And The Inevitable Cyber Apocalypse


Stuxnet, Fukushima And The Inevitable Cyber Apocalypse

In the classic apocalyptic film Terminator, future planet earth is under siege by sentient man-made robots of war seeking to terminate the human race. Autonomous machines created by human beings to destroy human beings. Maximum dystopian, and scary enough as fiction; however, the military industrial complex and the deep state are bringing us ever closer each year to this dark future. Stuxnet was originally designed to seek out and to attack such hardware in Iran’s Natanz nuclear fuel enrichment facility in order to disable centrifuges, thereby disrupting Iran’s capacity to produce nuclear weapons, which it did so successfully in 2010. Read More


Total Number of Earthquakes in Japan Exceeds 600 in Just 5 Days

imageOn April 14, a magnitude 6.5 earthquake struck to the east of Kumamoto city (the capital of Kumamoto Prefecture) on Japan’s Kyushu Island, killing local residents and damaging infrastructure. It was followed by multiple aftershocks. The following day, the same area was hit by a 7.0-magnitude earthquake. Most of the tremors were felt strongly in the Kumamoto and Oita prefectures, the national NHK broadcaster said.Read Article

Japan faces fresh earthquake panic as 6.1 magnitude tremor hits coast near Fukushima nuclear plant 


2016 Fukushima Kill List, Huge Alarm Bells And Censored Stories

146024734586268.jpegOf all of the stories that the mainstream media has refused to properly report upon in 2016 and over the last several years, perhaps none will be as overly important to the health of our planet Earth and the health of the American people than the disastrous and still-unfolding catastrophe due to the Fukushima nuclear power plant. While we still barely hear a peep from CNN, MSNBC, ABC, CBS, NBC, Fox and all of the other MSM outlets who’ve been letting down the American people on this subject, we’re thankful that we can count on ENENews, Arnie Gunderson over at Fairewinds and all of the other bloggers, websites and Fukushima videographers on YouTube who constantly pound home the message that we’ll certainly not get from the MSM. As ENENews tells us in their two latest stories, according to nuclear engineer Gunderson, alarm bells are going off over a Fukushima plume that is coming to the West coast of the US and as Gunderson tells us, ‘people will be dying from radiation that’s flowing across the Pacific” and runs right over us with this cold hard fact: “We’ve contaminated the biggest source of water on the planet, and there’s no way to stop it.” You can hear Gunderson in the 1st video below beginning at the 3 minute 30 second mark when he joins the program. Read Article