Massive Protest & Strong EXPLOSION Rock Paris, France

For the eighth week in a row, citizens of France have taken to the streets to protest conditions in their country.  Tens-of-thousands of "Yellow Jackets" are on the march in major cities.  Police have been arresting many for "unauthorized protesting" but the numbers of protesters continue to rise!.....Read More

Rioters take to the streets of Paris the day after French election to protest the new president’s ‘capitalist’ agenda

Newly elected President Emmanuel Macron who has talked up a hard Brexit faced his first test today when a hard-left demonstration in the French capital descended into a riot. Communists and revolutionary groups clashed with heavily armed riot police in the centre of Paris. Thousands of demonstrators gathered at the Place de la Republique calling for 'resistance'... Continue Reading →

Are these the battle lines for World War Three?

The US airstrikes on a Syrian regime airbase have hardened the dividing lines across the world in regards to the Assad regime. MailOnline has set out world leaders' positions on the conflict, which clearly shows the split between pro and anti-Assad countries. It suggests which side of the battle line countries would position themselves on should the... Continue Reading →

TTIP talks are ‘likely to stop’, say officials, as François Hollande signals France will reject deal

Talks over the hugely controversial Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership agreement could be about to fail after France threatened to block the deal. Paris officials have said negotiations between the US and EU are "likely to stop" amid significant disagreements between the two sides over the free-trade agreement. President Hollande has said he will "never accept" the... Continue Reading →

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