Russia gives U.S/NATO a Final Warning

The Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs this morning issued a final warning to the United States and NATO regarding Ukraine: "If the U.S. decides to supply longer-range missiles to Ukraine, they will cross the red line and become a direct party to the conflict." This final warning was spoken by Maria Zakharova, spokeswoman of the Ministry... Continue Reading →

Jade Helm: ‘It’s Getting Real – Our Final Warning’ America Under Massive Cyber Attacks As Bilderberg Prepares To Ban Cash And Entire Financial System Threatened

The CNN story out on Friday asks if we've just received our final warning. The massive hack of US government computers exposed the personal files of over 4 million current and retired government workers and who knows what else. As ANP takes another look at the NORSE live cyber-attacks website, we find that America is... Continue Reading →

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