“Mega Quake to Rock America” – Ex-White House Space Advisor Leaks Deadly Intel – FEMA SECRET.

Former White House space program adviser, consultant to NASA headquarters, space shuttle engineer, author, and CEO of Earthquake and Prediction Center, John L. Casey, shares life-saving intel about what FEMA is not telling you about earthquakes, volcanic activity, and solar hibernation. In June 2015, John Casey issued a warning letter to FEMA, warning that the world... Continue Reading →

FEMA Command Centers Seen In Texas And ADVON Vehicles Seen In Colorado – Preparation Across Country For Next False Flag To Go Live

Back on April 16th, 2013, YouTube videographer TheShowmebby was coming home from work in Waco, Texas, and ran across a mysterious-looking government vehicle that he took video of as shown in the 1st video below. The vehicle he recorded was later identified as an ADVON vehicle, standing for 'advanced echelon'; the very next day, the... Continue Reading →

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