Democrats introduce legislation to make it “legal” to steal elections in perpetuity like they did in 2020

Any reasonable American knows that, without a doubt, former President Donald Trump should not yet be a former president.  We know with certainty that for a year, at least, ahead of the 2020 election, Democrats and their swarms of lawyers plotted how to steal Trump’s reelection victory and install a weak-minded puppet, Joe Biden, who they could... Continue Reading →

Australian government injects $230m into cyber defences

The federal government will spend hundreds of millions of dollars defending Australia from foreign cyber attacks including from countries like China. And for the first time, the government has revealed it employs offensive cyber capabilities to deter possible attacks – which could mean employing hackers to disrupt activities overseas. Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull will on Thursday announce... Continue Reading →

Monsanto’s Airborne Pesticide Drones Coming Soon: FAA Approves Unmanned, Poison Spraying Helicopters

The federal government has granted its approval for a new unmanned pesticide drone that reports indicate will soon start dumping chemical herbicides and other crop-related substances from the sky. The helicopters, designed by Yamaha Corp. U.S.A., have an empty weight of only 141 pounds, according to a Federal Aviation Administration document,[PDF] and they don’t require a... Continue Reading →

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