They’re coming for patriots: Leftists want a new “secret police force” to spy on, arrest, imprison Trump supporters as “terrorists”

If you never thought that you would live long enough to see Soviet- and Chinese Communist-style totalitarianism in the United States, the world’s global beacon of ‘freedom’ and ‘individual liberty,’ think again. You have. Coming soon to the nation’s capital, if deranged, power-mad Democratic leftists get their way, is a new “secret police” agency that will... Continue Reading →

Left-wing media calls for spy agencies to hunt down “white terror” in America, turning nation into Stasi-style police state

Joe Biden was not even “inaugurated” yet and the far-left propaganda machine was already busy ramping up the racist rhetoric about how the next regime’s “spy agencies” need to launch a crusade to end “white terror.” Because other countries have “domestic spy agencies” that “fight extremists at home,” The Daily Beast‘s Jeff Stein believes the United States needs... Continue Reading →

Situation Update, Jan. 15th, 2021 – DECLASS begins, CNN complicit in capitol raid

The Situation Update for Jan. 15th, 2021 covers five key breaking stories, all with “bombshell” implications for world events: Capitol raid official narrative collapse; CNN complicit in the staged event, radical Leftist arrested, FBI admits Trump didn’t cause the riot.Declassification now under way as Trump announces release of “foot-high” stack of documents exposing the criminals... Continue Reading →

‘One of the most incompetent and corrupt investigations in FBI history’

Lindsey Graham releases transcripts from Senate review of Trump-Russia probe and slams Comey for 'knowingly allowing tremendous misdeeds' Senator Lindsey Graham has released interview transcripts from his inquiry into the FBI's Trump-Russia probe, claiming they show the 'gross incompetence' and corruption behind the effort. Graham, a South Carolina Republican and chair of the Judiciary Committee, on Thursday released hundreds of... Continue Reading →

‘The [DS] Wants Me Dead’ and ‘God Is Mad As Hell…!’ MUST WATCH Lin Wood Latest EPIC Interview!

ALL IN ONE EPIC VIDEO, #LinWood drops a 100 MEGTON #MOAB, shining the Light of Truth on #ChiefJusticeRoberts, Justice Stephen #Breyer, Joe #Biden, #Obama, #Clintons, #BillGates, Mike #Pence, #MarkMeadows, Pat #Cippoloni, President H.W. #BushSr, President George W. #BushJr, #GeorgeSoros, the #FBI and MORE! Buckle up, Patriots, you do NOT want to miss this MIND-BLOWING DELUGE... Continue Reading →

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