Weather weapons are targeting human infrastructure, aiming for Extinction Level Event (ELE) via mass famine and collapse

Today’s Situation Update podcast covers the weaponization of weather systems to target human infrastructure. It is over two hours in length and features interviews with Dane Wigington (see below) as well as a first responder on the ground in Central Florida. As these interviews reveal, exotic weapon systems are being used to achieve global biosphere... Continue Reading →

EAT NOTHING AND BE HAPPY: Globalists still attempting to manufacture acceptance of engineered food collapse

The globalists are still attempting to manufacture consent for their campaign against global food production.Just recently, an old article published by the United Nations (UN) website reemerged. It’s talking about the supposed benefits of world hunger. The article, titled “The Benefits of World Hunger,” was written by University of Hawaii political science professor George Kent. (Related: UN,... Continue Reading →

Famine Is “Knocking On The Door”

Unless there is some sort of unforeseen miracle, millions of people could literally starve to death in 2021.  We are facing a global food crisis that is unlike anything we have ever seen before in modern times, and 2021 is going to be the year when it starts to become extremely painful all over the... Continue Reading →

Complete Breakdown Of Civilization Has Already Begun And Total Anarchy Will Follow The Upcoming ‘Meal Shortages’ That ‘Feed America’ Is Warning Us About

By Susan Duclos - All News PipeLine When civilization breaks down, a number of other events follow, like dominoes falling one by one. Rioting, looting, arson becomes something seen so often it appears almost daily on local news stations. Lawlessness in some areas goes unchecked because law enforcement officers have become the targets of violently lawless gangs rather than the... Continue Reading →

Prophetic – You Can Run But You Can’t Hide

Jesus Christ, along with Old Testament prophets and other New Testament writers, spoke about specific events and trends that would precede His Return. One-third of the Bible is prophecy—history written in advance. Jesus’ disciples asked Him about final events. Notice: “The disciples came…saying, Tell us, when shall these things be? And what shall be the sign of... Continue Reading →

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