Earth ‘Will be Whipped’ by Solar Flares Earth ‘Will be Whipped’ by Solar Flares

A DEVASTATING solar storm will whip Earth with solar flares that are 272 times hotter than the Sun, according to a terrifying warning. NASA’s space weather forecasters have predicted the next 10 years of solar activity as the Sun approaches its “weakest” period in 200 years. And the world is expected to be hit by flares which are a massive 1,500,000C, according to a space... Continue Reading →

Extreme Heatwave Could Bring Blackouts In New York City, DC and Chicago

An upcoming heat wave could lead to power outages in the central and eastern U.S., including the major metropolitan areas of New York City, Washington and Chicago, experts say. As temperatures rise and more people turn to their air conditioners for relief, the demand for power can become overwhelming. Power companies are preparing for the worst and asking customers to be mindful... Continue Reading →

SOTT Earth Changes Summary – March 2018: Extreme Weather, Planetary Upheaval, Meteor Fireballs – Video

Four Nor'easters hit the East coast of the US and Canada this March, bringing arctic conditions and meters of snow, leaving millions without power, disrupting traffic and destroying crops. Interestingly enough, the fourth Nor'easter arrived just hours after the Spring equinox. Storms in Texas and Alabama dumped enormous hailstones that caused widespread destruction over many... Continue Reading →

Climate Engineering Is Weather Warfare

Climate Engineering Is Weather Warfare - by Dane Wigington Though extreme weather events have always taken place on our planet, how can we consider any weather truly natural when we know global weather has been subjected to climate engineering programs at a significant scale for over 65 years? How can we consider any weather truly... Continue Reading →

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