Aboriginal knowledge amazes evolutionist astronomer

A painting of the ‘Seven Sisters’ to illustrate the Worrora aboriginal story about the Pleiades; by renowned artist Donny Woolagoodjaon

Conventional ‘wisdom’ says that Australia’s Aboriginal people have occupied the land for at least 40,000 years. That view of course derives from the evolutionary timeline, which links these people to a supposed ‘Stone Age’, with its attendant ‘prehistoric’ and ‘primitive’ connotations. And while it’s no longer socially acceptable to speak of nomadic hunter-gatherers as being ‘lesser evolved’ than other peoples, such implications from evolutionary teaching remain widely held.  Consequently, when facts come to light which contradict evolutionary stereotypes, it can come as quite a surprise to those who believe evolution. British-born astrophysicist Ray Norris speaks of this. He clearly accepts the evolutionary timeline, as his role at the Australia Telescope National Facility (CSIRO) includes researching “how galaxies were formed after the Big Bang”…..Read More

The Antarctic Conspiracy Finally Exposed?

antarctica1-1024x683There is a feeling, that all over the world, people have become dissatisfied, with the sterile, dry, and frankly meaningless answers to the great mysteries of life that are given by science and by history. More and more people, and I would say perhaps it runs into hundreds of millions around the world, are increasingly aware that we’re a much more mysterious species than we give ourselves credit for… and that there are many more secrets and mysteries in our past than we are prepared to accept at the moment… And this intuitive sense that people have, is driving them to re-examine the past of the human race, whether or not the historians and the scientists want to do it. The people themselves are leading the way in this quest for the truth about our own past.” – Graham Hancock Those are the exact words used by Graham Hancock in a video presented a bit later, but since I’ve never heard my own thirst for hidden knowledge articulated so perfectly, my hope is that it struck you the way it did me. If so, then here is my promise to you: Read Article

Research Biologist Says Bible, Not Evolution, Accounts for Human DNA Diversity

imageWhen did human ethnic groups originate? And can the biblical young earth viewpoint explain differences between races today? One research biologist says the biblical model, not evolution, accurately accounts for human DNA diversity today. Dr. Nathaniel Jeanson is a PhD biologist with Answers in Genesis who studied Cell and Developmental Biology at Harvard University. In his latest article, published last week in Answers Research Journal, he considers “why African people groups tends to harbor more mitochaondrial DNA differences than non-African groups.” Continue reading “Research Biologist Says Bible, Not Evolution, Accounts for Human DNA Diversity”

Comb Jelly Footage Surprises Scientists, Upends Evolutionary Expectations

image.jpegEvolutionists are once again having to scrap existing beliefs and return to the drawing board after observing one type of sea creature perform a previously undiscovered function. On March 14 and 15, several dozen biologists met in Florida for the Ctenopalooza workshop—an event designed to further the study of ctenophores, which are a type of jellyfish-like sea creatures. Speakers at the workshop presented ideas, discussed new areas of study, and shared recent research findings. One of the speakers at the event, William Browne of the University of Miami, presented new video footage of ctenophores—also known as comb jellies—that shows the sea creatures digesting food and expelling indigestible waste. Because comb jellies are translucent, their food remains visible as it circulates through their bodies. Read Article

2 Million year old Nampa Figurine Strongly Challenges The Evolutionary Scenario

A tiny artifact depicting a human figure was found in 1889, when workers were drilling water well near Nampa, in southwest Idaho.
The artifact skillfully formed in clay, is a true mystery that has baffled scientists for many years. “The record of the well shows that… they had penetrated first about fifty feet of soil, then about fifteen feet of basalt, and afterwards passed through alternate beds of clay and quicksand…down to a depth of about three hundred feet when the sand pump began to bring up numerous clay balls, some of them more than two inches in diameter, densely coated with iron oxide,” geologist of Boston Society of Natural History, George Frederick Wright (1838-1921) reported in his book “Origin and Antiquity of Man” (1912). Read More


Transhumanism: An Attempt To Use Technology To Turn Men Into Gods

thDid you know that the word “transhuman” literally means “beyond human”? All over the world, scientists and intellectuals are joining the transhumanism movement. Those that adhere to this philosophy believe that the time has come for us to use technology to take control of our own evolution. By doing so, they believe that we can give ourselves superhuman powers and radically extend our lifespans. Right now, the most popular movie in America is “Avengers: Age of Ultron“, and in recent years we have watched films about “mutants” and “superheroes” become some of Hollywood’s biggest moneymakers. But transhumanists believe that we will soon be able to literally turn ourselves into such superheroes as technology continues to increase at an exponential rate. And once we have superhuman powers and superhuman intelligence, they are convinced that we will eradicate all sickness, disease, poverty and war. Many of them actually believe that we will be able to achieve immortality and establish a utopia on Earth just a few decades from now. In other words, we won’t need a “God” because we will have become our own gods. Read Article