BOMBSHELL report – Same tech industry that powered Holocaust computational machines now backing VACCINE compliance tracking and food allowance

In the late 1930s and early 40s, IBM (International Business Machines) began partnering with the Third Reich to provide computational machines for tracking Jews for extermination. This is fully detailed in the book, “IBM and the Holocaust” by Edwin Black, available at Amazon and elsewhere. Now, as published by Mint Press News, IBM is partnering with mRNA vaccine... Continue Reading →

Bill Gates, a Beyond Meat stakeholder, wants all first world countries to eat synthetic meat

Microsoft co-founder and billionaire eugenicist Bill Gates recently spoke with MIT Technology Review about his latest plan to convert all first world Western nations to a steady diet of fake meat. An early investor in Beyond Meat, which manufactures artificial beef, Gates says the wealthiest countries in the world need to be eating “100 percent synthetic beef” because... Continue Reading →

Bill Gates says bioterrorism and climate change are the next biggest threats after pandemic

Billionaire philanthropist Bill Gates warned for years that a deadly pandemic could take place. Now, he's calling out the threats of bioterrorism and climate change. Gates appeared on Derek Muller's YouTube channel Veritasium last week, where he was asked about what's the next issue facing humanity. "One is climate change. Every year that would be a death toll even... Continue Reading →

Sick irony: Survivors of Holocaust get vaccinated for coronavirus on Auschwitz Liberation Day

In remembrance of their fellow prisoners who died after receiving injections of experimental chemicals at the hands of Nazi eugenicists during World War II, hundreds of Holocaust survivors on Auschwitz Liberation Day decided to get injected with experimental Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) chemicals endorsed by billionaire eugenicist Bill Gates. Hundreds of Holocaust survivors in Austria and Slovakia took... Continue Reading →

Human Experimentation Rampant in the United States

By Janet Phelan - In an article in the New Republic in December, 1998, former UNSCOM leader Scott Ritter decried Iraq’s chemical and biological weapons experiments on human subjects. Wrote Ritter, We had received credible intelligence that 95 political prisoners had been transferred from the Abu Ghraib Prison to a site in western Iraq, where they had... Continue Reading →

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