IMG_0407.JPGThe top brass of CERN, which operates the the largest particle collider in the world, is attending Bilderberg this year, rekindling fears CERN will cause unfathomable changes to human civilization and may even lead to parallel dimensions. Fabiola Gianotti, the Director General of CERN, is an unusual participant at the elitist meeting known mainly for shaping geopolitical events, but CERN does have a strange relationship with the elite – and its collider has been criticized for harnessing too much power humanity can handle. The collider reportedly generates a magnetic field 100,000 times more powerful than that of Earth’s, a concern because human and animal biology, particularly the pineal gland, interacts with the Earth’s magnetic field……..Read More


Political insider Roger Stone breaks down how the elite are planning to claim that President Trump is suffering from Alzheimers disease in order to remove him from office…..More

Governments are moving underground-Something strange in Antarctica-Chemtrails light up the sky

Published on Apr 21, 2017

Something epic is about to occur that the elite have been preparing for since the discovery of this system back in the early 1980’s by the iRAS telescope.

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America is on the Cliff of Destruction and we have Arrived at the Final Moment

thAmerica is now facing the greatest crisis in its history, a crisis that could literally unleash a nuclear inferno upon our cities. This current election is the most critical election since the founding of our nation and it represents two different paths for America’s future based on two fundamentally different worldviews at a time when there are apocalyptic changes in the world such as Russia’s preparation to win World War III in what looks like an imminent conflict involving Russia, Syria, China, the U.S. and NATO. While America through its corporate-controlled media focuses on peripheral issues regarding the election, Russia has evacuated 40 million Russians to underground bunkers to survive a nuclear war with America. In addition, the potential of a global financial meltdown increases every day as Europe and its banks face collapse due to serious problems with the Deutsche Bank and the Italian and Greek banks. The American major media, which is controlled by just six corporations, is doing its best to conceal these dangers from the American public and continues to broadcast its three ring circus of sexual scandals to help rig the election. The media and the elite in both political parties cannot speak about World War III and the real economic crisis because they are totally controlled by the globalist elite. There is never any in-depth or serious coverage or discussion of who is creating these economic problems or wars because they all are directly connected to the globalists. Read More

No Election & World War 3 Hagmanns’ and Dave Hodges

One of the most riveting discussions ,ever, on The Common Sense Show. The Hagmanns’ and Dave Hodges discussed:

The election and why elite cannot withstand a Trump Presidency
How the elite will steal the election
World War III is very close

Strange Mysterious Gathering Of Elite: Media, Tech Giants, Billionaires—Their Creepy Agenda Surfaces!

img_2751.pngBy Lisa Haven – In Sun Valley, Idaho a group of elite gather annually at a conference they call the Sun Valley Conference. It includes media moguls, social media, billionaires, tech giants and political personnel. They coordinate censorship tactics, gate-keeping strategies and Orwellian types of policies they plan on forcing on the population. They include leaders from Facebook, Google, multiple banks, actors, sports leaders, and many others. In the video below Mark Dice sheds more light on this mysterious secret gathering. Here is more on this breaking report…

To give you an idea of the type of people that attend these meetings, last year’s Sun Valley Conference included people like: Mark Zuckerburg, Dan Rose, Salma Hayek, CEO of Kering, Diane von Furstenberg, Barry Diller (chairman of IAC), Elon Musk, Talulah Riley, Sara Blakely (founder of Spanx), Robert Lger (chief executive at Walt Disney CO, Willow Bay (TV corespondent), Brian Grazer (Hollywood mega producer), John William Henry, Susan Wojcicki (Youtube CEO), Dennis Troper (director at Google), Stacey Bendet, Muhtar Kent (CEO of Coca-Cola), James Murdoch, Dara Khosrowshahi (CEO of Expedia Inc), Michael Bloomberg, and many others. Obviously there is some major discussion going on at these events.

Panicked Elite Buying Bomb-Proof Survival Bunkers… ‘World Sleepwalking Into Fresh Crisis’… US Banks ‘Not Prepared

Underground shelters protect “high net worth individuals” from “the general public” Panicked members of the elite are buying luxury bomb-proof underground survival bunkers because they fear mass civil unrest might be on the horizon. The company behind the construction of the sprawling complexes, Vivos, says the facilities are for the “protection of high net worth individuals” in the event of apocalyptic-style scenarios during which “millions will perish or worse yet, struggle to survive as victims”. “Where will you go when pandemonium strikes?” asks a promo for the luxury shelters. The biggest facility, called Europa One, is located in Germany and is “one of the most fortified and massive underground survival shelters on Earth, deep below a limestone mountain” and is “safely secured from the general public, behind sealed and secured walls, gates and blast doors”. Read Article