Transparent timing, intelligence community assessment on foreign interference in 2020 election submitted to Congress hours after electoral certification

Good grief… Could the purposeful timing of those intent on preserving corrupt intelligence and U.S. government institutions be any more transparent? (Natural News) (Article by Sundance republished from TheConservativeTreehouse.com) As CTH noted weeks ago, the DNI report on foreign involvement in 2020… Read More ›

Leftists planned riots to frame patriots, public opinion has awakened and justice will prevail

Summary: Leftists arrange Antifa members to disguise as Trump supporters to storm Congress, McConnell sentences patriots as thugs before trial, Twitter and Facebook simultaneously silence Trump, U.S. doomsday planes take off, and Trump activates the National Guard. (Article republished from GNews.org)https://www.naturalnews.com/2021-01-08-leftists-planned-riots-to-frame-patriots.html